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Palestinian Federation of Industries

The Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI) is the national institution representing the Palestinian industrial sector through its federated associations. Its missions are: Effective management of industrial polices to serve members’ interests and to contribute to the development of the national economy.
Effective representation of members and their interests at local and international levels and institutions. Build relationships in collaboration with industry associations in Arab countries Collection of industrial information, organize, and classify them to provide these information for offecial bodies with cooperation with the Palestinian Central of Statistics. Participation in industrial and economic conferences.
Advice on the laws and regulations on the industry.
Participation in public policy-making on the industry.
Strengthen cooperation between industrial s.
Preparation and organization of the National Register of industrial description (barcode) and the establishment of punctuation.
Supervision of the Industry Modernization Center. Cooperation and coordination with all the relevant authorities, especially the chambers of commerce and private sector institutions