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Metal And Engineering Industries Union
Membership Information

Benefits of being a member :
• Union is working on effective representation of members and defend their interests.

Condition to becoming a member :

  1. have a desire to serve the objectives of the Union.
  2. agree on the rules of procedure of the Specialist Association.
  3. pay affiliation fees and annual subscriptions.
  4. The working capital of at least one hundred thousand dollars.
  5. Be of good character and behavior and not have a criminal sentenced affects the honour and honesty unless as rehabilitated.
  6. To be an industrial facility to meet legal requirements and licensed by the Ministry and holds a valid profession license registered with the competent authorities.
  7. The number of industrial workers at least three workers.
  8. to be approved by the Board of Directors of Union Hospital and provided two-thirds consensus Board members to reject the application for EU membership to affiliated and the latter the right to submit an objection within three months from the date of submission of the application if not issued on the application of any decision within 3 months from the date of submitting the request is acceptable.
  9. apply EU Member enrollment based or one of its branches on the form prepared by the Board of Directors of the General Federation.
  10. to be associate of the Union actually practised one of the following industries :
    • metal industries .
    • Steel Industries.
    •  Any other related industries