block Palestinian Federation of Industries Objectives

Palestinian Plastic Industries Union

Palestinian Plastic Industries Union is organizing an industrial Plastic sector, it's non profit, do not have any extremely Activity in the political, religious or sectarian. offers its services to all members and seek cooperation and coordination with the General Union, ministries and other relevant actors in the field of Union work to achieve the development process for plastic industry, in particular, and the lifting of the economic, financial and social general level of the Palestinian society, including the upliftment of Palestinian industry on the local and global level, through the following objectives:
1. To encourage, develop and modernize the plastics industry and everything related to it, by directing local and foreign investment, also supporting the modern industrial systems.
2. The development of relations between the members of the Union and build cooperative relations among themselves at the one hand, and between the plastic and other specialized federations on the other hand.
3. The establishment of the Coordinating office of the Union with the task of coordination between the member in terms of raw material purchase and import of equipment and others.
4. Framing and organize the work of the institutions affiliated to the Union, to provide the necessary support for them.
5. Build relations of cooperation and coordination with the s specialized in Arab and foreign countries and participate in the relevant industrial and economic conferences, held conferencing and industrial seminars or those related to the industry.
6. Cooperation with government institutions and public competent to make proposals and recommendations on laws, draft laws and regulations related to the specialization of the Union, to support the plastic industry.
7. Work on raising the competitiveness of the Union members, through the provision of technical services, and the provision of related programs.
8. Publish brochures and periodicals which related to the activity of the Union and it's members.
9. Take any action that seem it's appropriate and necessary for implementation, and the achievement of the Union goals and objectives, taking into account not violate public order.
10. Cooperation with local Universities to integrate graduates in the field of national industries, and create new job opportunities for them.
11. Work on facilitating business transactions and legal procedures, necessary to support the Palestinian products.
12. Union representation among all institutions, ministries, agencies and in all forums at home and abroad.
13. Adoption of the sector's problems, and search for solutions.
14. Strengthen the Union role as an information source, available for the industry and its members.
15. Help in finding sources of raw materials for the members of the Union.
16. Sector rehabilitation, promote it, and raise the level of efficiency.