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Union of Stone and Marble Industry in Palestine
Membership Information

Benefits of being a member :
• By Joining the Union of stone and marble industry, you will get many benefits and advantages as the Union will advocate your interests, needs and rights before all the local and global areas, and it will assist all the issues and dilemmas faced by the Palestinian producer and manufacturer in light of the great challenges that we live everyday.
• The Union helps in promoting and marketing the Palestinian Stone everywhere through the exhibitions and products’ catalogue and through the conferences and the missions, it also helps in developing and maintaining the competitive advantage of the Palestinian stone.
• The Union contributes in developing the companies and in building them in a modern and constructive way through the implementation of multiple programs in this area, such as training, raising the awareness, building capacities and the administrative and accounting systems, in addition to the quality and working on new plans.
• The Union provides advice and guidance in all areas; it maintains a database and also provides real information that contributes in the construction and development.
• The Union is involved in preserving the environment and disseminating an environmental awareness among its members and everybody around.
• The Union is an umbrella for its members, the keeper of their rights and the seeker for every opportunity that would help their development.

How to become a member:
• Fill our application form online.
• Wait for approval of application by the Board of Directors.
• Pay the registration and membership fees.

Condition to becoming a member :
• Be the company owner in the stone and marble industry.
• Be legally registered at the Ministry of National Economy.