block Palestinian Federation of Industries Palestinian Plastic Industries Union | الاتحاد العام للصناعات الفلسطينية

Palestinian Plastic Industries Union

Palestinian Plastic Industries Union is a non-profit organization established in 1998, in order to serve the members and follow up their affairs in order to ensure the provision of better services to members and continuous communication with them, and to coordinate efforts for the advancement of Palestinian plastic industries to provide competing product locally, regionally and globally, head office for the Union was in Ramallah city until 2016, then the elections were conducted in early 2016, new administrative body headed by Mr. Othman Rafat Hassouna was chosen , in addition to transfer the Union head office to the city of Hebron.
Palestinian Plastic Industries Union include 11 administrative body members divided as the following: five members from Hebron city , including: President of the Union, Vice President, Treasurer and two administrative body member including the representative of the Palestinian Federation of industries,, a member of an administrative body from Nablus city, and a member of an administrative body from Ramallah city, as well as four members in the Gaza Strip, also there is 115 of general body members for the Union , 86 of them in the West Bank and 29 in Gaza strip.
Plastics industries is one the most important of industries nationwide, where the number of employees is around 5,000 workers, estimated its capital cost in millions of shekels, as well as its great importance in the field of import and export, so the plastic industry is a backbone of the Palestinian industries, and it's the basic engine for Palestine's economy.